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The idea for BASE Butter came from my passion for beauty products, creating, and a series of trial and error. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed hands on activities that involved creating something. After graduating from college and transitioning into my “adult life” I was getting bored, because I no longer had a creative outlet. So I wanted to start working on a personal project. I am a true beauty hauler and at the time I was obsessed with makeup, specifically lipsticks. I felt like I had owned every color so said why not make my own. After doing my research for the products I needed to make lipstick, I decided natural was the way to go! During that research I learned so much about the harmful chemicals in common lipsticks and learned about the benefits of natural ingredients. I was excited because not only was this fun, but the results were going to be great for my health and beauty. So for the year of 2015 I was working on launching my line of all natural handmade lipsticks. But in the process of figuring out the best recipe for all natural lipsticks I came out with something better! An all natural lip balm that would soon turn into an all natural body butter. As I was testing the “base” of the lipsticks on my friends and myself the response was positive. They were consistently using the “base” and asking for more. So I continued perfecting it. In the summer a friend asked me to vend at an entrepreneurship marketplace. At first I declined, because I had not yet perfected the lipsticks, but she said no your lip balms. So I created some cool packaging (using my adobe skills from my day job), a cool display with help from my artsy friend, and we sold out! People loved it! I called the product, BASE, the foundation of our lipsticks. After that day I stuck with perfecting this recipe. I was growing out of my obsession with lipsticks and transitioning into a more natural lifestyle (inside & out). I did not want to give up on all my hard work (and money) from the year, but that is what it seemed like I was doing. So just as the year was coming to an end I reviewed my vision board. I had completed almost everything except for launching my line of all natural lipsticks. As the cold weather approached I knew I had to prepare my dry skin and eczema, so from the lip balm recipe I created a body butter for myself and roommate. We both loved it and I knew other people would too. Then it hit me. I did all the hard work already I just need to create a site, get the word out there, and change the name. BASE BUTTER was launched!

I created BASE BUTTER for young women like me and my friends. We are all super busy with our careers and enjoying our lives in the city! We need one product that we can use for all our needs, take with us anywhere, and matches our fly. Even more so we are concerned with taking care of ourselves inside and out. We want the J-Lo glow, Beyonce body, and lovely locks like T-murda. So what we put inside our bodies and on our skin is top priority. If you agree with me then join the BASE BUTTER movement and help us discover new #BeautyBASEcs. If you have any questions or ideas do not hesitate to reach out to me at