Radiate Face Jelly Review and Demo| IS IT WORTH IT?


  • "Base Butter Body LOVE Cream has become apart of my everyday life. I love the consistency and use it as a whole body moisturizer. I apply it in the morning and carry it with me for midday refreshers. Base Butter is definitely my must have go to product!"
    - TASHAH J.
  • "I got the samples and I definitely noticed a difference after the second use! I love how the product locked in the moisture my face needed without feeling greasy. My skin was clearer and had a nice healthy glow to it! Absolutely wonderful product and I am definitely purchasing the full size."
  • "RADIATE is my favorite skin care product. It’s lightweight, refreshing, and great under make up. You only need a small amount & your face will be moisturized all day. Love this brand, love the product. A must-try for sure!"
  • "Literally this product is the truth. I have chronic dry skin and with love all of that is no longer a problem. I am thankful for this and happy that it is back on the market. This product makes my skin POP."
    - Morgan
  • "Quick note about the RADIATE face jelly. It’s good 365. This is the first time I have been able to use a moisturizer all year round. I am legit not an oily mess anymore."
    - DAMI
  • "BASE BUTTER Body LOVE Cream is a Godsend. As a fitness professional it's hard to find a product good enough for every part of your body that keeps you moisturizer, and doesn't leave residue on your clothing. I found my solution in Base butter. Body LOVE Cream keeps me moisturized all day with no thick residue left on my leggings. With ingredients I recognize and no weird added fragrances. I take it everywhere. Thank you Base Butter!"
    - DREA
  • "I was nervous that because of the shea butter the product would be too thick, BUT it literally feels like whipped butter on your skin. It also absorbs really quickly so you're not walking around feeling super greasy. I use it the most on winter problem areas like my feet, elbows, and knees and it really works to soften extremely dry skin."
  • "BASE BUTTER Body LOVE Cream has done wonders for the health of my skin. Before discovering BASE BUTTER, I suffered from chronic skin dryness. The luxurious combination of butters and oils leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft. The subtle and sophisticated scent works for both corporate settings and nights out with bae."
  • "So I've used BASE BUTTER Body LOVE Cream on almost every single part of my body and have gone from using watery lotions and concoctions with unknown chemicals to just coconut oil and Base Butter. The whipped formula is so light, yet moisturizing that I can use it on my body and face without feeling like my pores are clogged. I'm excited to see what the re-launch of an already loved and solid brand will bring and I can't wait to order!"
    - ALEXIS B.

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