Curvy Curly Conscious LA

Curvy Curly Conscious is a 'Self Love Day Party'  devoted to women of color looking for realness, empowerment, and a reminder to love and care for yourself first. I was invited to attend as an ambassador for BASE BUTTER and honestly didn't know much about the event. However, there was no hesitation in deciding to go since BASE BUTTER shares the same values rooted in self-love and care. I am so glad I was able to go because in this space it was revealed to me that I am right where I need to be, I have everything I need, and am already my sister self. I will get back to what that means.

CCC LA starts now! Welcome, LA tribe ✨

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Walking in we had no idea what to expect, but the tone was set when we were immediately greeted by volunteers and walked into an open environment filled with upbeat music beautiful women. My friend commented that so many people looked so poppin and we were in yoga clothes, but I reassured her that we were fine and weren't the only ones. I imagine that others felt the same way, but I guarantee any discomfort, fear of uncertainty, or intimidation that they might have felt subsided by the end of the day. 
Setting the Intentions
During this session, we were reminded of the importance of our breathing. I am no stranger to breathing exercises or meditation but got introduced to peppermint oil and a new breathing technique that didn't involve my usual counting. I have already been practising the new breathing technique and can't wait to try out Shelah Marie's peppermint oil and candles.

@tashahnicole did an AMAZING job with these mock labels. So exciting!

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Panel & Groups
After hearing from the panelists, we took a quiz that rated our wellness in different areas. We then broke into groups based on the area that needed the most improvement. Each group was led by a panelist and ladies were encouraged to visit more than one if we had multiple low scores. My lowest scores were in occupational wellness and physical wellness. I had a low physical score because of my slacking in getting my leafy greens and exercise. In occupational wellness, I was on the fence with every question, so I knew I needed help. This was the first time in the day that we actually talked directly to each other and realized that there are a lot of people struggling with the same things.
That food was great! That lemonade was amazing. We also got another chance to visit the vendors and get those massages in.
Trap Yoga
Talk about unorthodox. Talk about life changing. Trap Yoga! It was everything that you expect to get from yoga but presented in the most real form. @TrapYogaBae talks to you like that blunt friend who is going to tell it how it is and how we sometimes need to talk to ourselves. She asked us to stop feeling small in this room and to take up space! We said yes to things and said no to things, we commanded our butts to grow! We laughed, we struggled a little, we twerked and we applauded. If Trap Yoga is in my city I will be there.
Meditation + Journaling
The highlight of the day has to go to this session. I'm not even sure I can recall it in its true essence and portray the impact that it had on me and others. Especially those who, like me, decided to share our experience with the entire group. As you may know from a previous post, I always get something out of meditation moments.  We started with a back story on quantum jumping and our peppermint oil and breathing. Shelah Marie set the tone as the voice behind this guided meditation. Here we met our sister selves. "She is you, but you with all of the knowledge and answers that you need." "She has a glow around her." "What is she saying to you?" "Where is she taking you?" A few things I remember hearing Shelah saying throughout the journey.  It was amazing to hear how even though we all listened to the same person, we had completely different experiences. Some ladies saw their sister in the car, some floated in mountains, someone saw her actual sister, someone had a conversation with her estranged father. So evident that in meditation you get what you need and maybe even a conversation with someone you can't have in their physical presence.  Here is what I wrote during our journaling right after:
I was able to see myself float higher and higher. I saw the door. I knew my sister self was there with everything before trying to open the door. I saw what seemed to by my life flash before me in just a couple seconds. When I opened the door she was not there because she had come into me. We became one. She is me. I think that means I already am where I should be and have the knowledge and everything right now. When she kept talking about all these other places, I couldn't see anything anymore. From here I couldn't even make up something in my head. I was right back on my mat palms up hearing my breathing and every other little noise around me. I am everything I need to be. I need to be present.
Power Hour
The end of the day was about networking, visiting vendors, still trying to get in for a massage, (I was the last one) cocktails, and dancing! 
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