Growing up I was continuously struggling with “bad” skin. From the time of my first acne breakout in middle school to adulthood I never really felt comfortable in my skin. I spent an embarrassing amount of money on “the best” systems and medical grade formulas to find out they not only worked temporarily but had major side effects that would leave me with highly sensitive skin, scars, discoloration, and hormonal changes that required even more care. I was seeing my dermatologist more than I did my primary care doctor! I refused to believe this would be my reality forever so I took control and started:

  • Researching what I was putting in and on my body
  • Discovering the beauty I was born with

Through self discovery and education three themes continued to pop up which eventually led me to develop BASE BUTTER.

1. Taking control of my overall wellness by becoming more proactive vs. reactive

After years of dealing with “bad” skin, severe asthma, and frequent burnouts due to my “workaholic” nature I started reading and researching ingredient labels and linking their side effects to my health experience. This new-found awareness allowed me to take control and action.

2. Unlearning old beauty habits 

As I began to investigate the ingredients found in my good old petroleum jelly and baby powder I knew that there must be better options.   In my move to a more holistic lifestyle I found that my peers were beginning to embrace the same. We were discovering and learning from each other, our experiences were very similar.

3. Realizing that the media was lying to me when they told me I wasn't beautiful

It’s no secret that the beauty industry inaccurately depicts women of color. From a young age I recognized this, and for a time I aspired to be something or someone that I was not.

Today, data continues to show that often times women of color are underrepresented in the wellness market. Until the recent natural hair care movement women of color's visibility was extremely slim, but truth be told we are more than just our hair. We shop at farmers markets, we enjoy yoga, and we care about what we put on and in our bodies. BASE BUTTER bridges the gap between wellness and beauty by emphasizing that your natural beauty is true beauty and that it is skin deep. We protect your true beauty by formulating skincare products with ingredients that offer holistic benefits such as aromatherapy and energy healing and we source our raw ingredients responsibly ensuring that we abide by the cruelty free seal and fair trade imports. With BASE BUTTER, we are creating a wellness and beauty community for us by us.

During our crowdfunding campaign, this clip did not make the cut (for good reason), but hear me out!