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Created by founders She'Neil Spence and Nicolette Graves, BASE BUTTER is a leading skincare brand that is redefining the perception of beauty and its impact on our relationship with our skin. Our high-performing, intentionally clean products, and simple-to-use routines are designed to nourish, protect, and maintain healthy, happy skin - ensuring that you always put your best face forward.

BASE BUTTER’s products are created with clean formulas that are dermatologically tested to activate your skin's own rejuvenating powers. Engineered by scientists and powered by a community, BASE BUTTER delivers a better skincare experience. 


She'Neil Spence, CEO & Co-founder (left) and Nicolette Graves, VP of Product and Co-founder (right) 


In our early 20’s, we began our unofficial skincare journey together to figure out why managing our oily skin and breakouts was such a struggle. We found ourselves self-educating, actively piecing together information to create solutions for our own oily, combination, and acne prone skin. What we found surprised us—our skin care vanities, full of benzoyl peroxide, retinals, exfoliants, and scrubs, were actually doing more bad than good. Ultimately, all our skin needed was some TLC, and by trying to solve a problem for us, we ended up creating a solution for all.


Our mission is to make healthy skin the attainable standard for all.
Our vision is a world where all people feel protected, comfortable and confident in their skin.
We promise to always be transparent and informative in our products and processes so you can make the best decision for your skincare journey.