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She'Neil & Nicolette 

In our early 20’s, we began our unofficial skincare journey together to figure out why managing our oily skin and breakouts was such a struggle. We found ourselves self-educating, actively piecing together information to create solutions for our own oily, combination, and acne prone skin. What we found surprised us—our skin care vanities, full of benzoyl peroxide, retinals, exfoliants, and scrubs, were actually doing more bad than good. Ultimately, all our skin needed was some TLC, and by trying to solve a problem for us, we ended up creating a solution for all. Learn more about BASE BUTTER


10 years ago we met on the internet, became roomies at Howard University, and built BASE BUTTER years later.

What’s it like doing business with your best friend?
How did we end up on Beyoncé.com?
Were we really packing orders the day before She’Neil’s wedding?
How did we turn getting laid off from our first jobs out of college into this?
When are new products launching?

We’re discussing it all and more in, THE FORMULA, a mini docuseries about BASE BUTTER. Watch more episodes of THE FORMULA

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