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In our early 20’s, we began our unofficial skincare journey together to figure out why managing our oily skin and breakouts was such a struggle. We found ourselves self-educating, actively piecing together information to create solutions for our own oily, combination, and acne prone skin. What we found surprised us—our skin care vanities, full of benzoyl peroxide, retinals, exfoliants, and scrubs, were actually doing more bad than good. Ultimately, all our skin needed was some TLC, and by trying to solve a problem for us, we ended up creating a solution for all.

She'Neil Spence, CEO + Co-founder

She’Neil Spence is the co-founder and CEO of BASE BUTTER. She received a bachelors in management information systems from Howard University’s School of Business where she was a member of the honors program. She'Neil spent the beginning of her career becoming well versed in consumer insights, design, and tech as a user experience design consultant at IBM for luxury retail and ecommerce clients. She's seen how being able to identify a consumer’s needs and wants enables a team to accurately curate a brand experience that yields increased conversion rates, sales, and impressions to name a few. She'Neil left the industry to follow her passion in marketing where she worked as a campaign marketing manager at REC Philly and an SEO consultant at Seer Interactive before taking on BASE BUTTER full-time.


Nicolette Graves, VP of Product + Co-founder 

Nicolette is co-founder and Vice President of Product at BASE BUTTER. Nicolette graduated from Howard University with a bachelor’s in community health and psychology and a masters in nutrition science from McGill University. Nicolette started her career dedicated to making behavior change a lot easier to implement and execute. After realizing the red-tape that often plagues “traditional” processes were getting in the way of making social impact, Nicolette joined the tech world where with a little imagination and a splash of the latest tech, creating solutions to problems became a lot easier and much more accessible. She has worked for a number of startups such as ALOHA, Greatist, and Justworks in various product functions, focused on building both CPG and digital health and wellness products. She is passionate about connecting the right customer, to the right product, at the right time. 


the formula: a docuseries about base butter and it's founders