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“What I also love about this product is that throughout the day, my skin doesn’t produce unnecessary oil. You know how it is, your face is refreshed and hydrated in the morning, but towards the evening you’re starting to look like a greaseball. The Base Butter Face Jelly is great at balancing my skin and keeps it level hours after it is applied. ” - Aisha Beau | Read more at and shop Radiate Face Jelly.


“Is it worth it? Hell yea, everything about this facial jelly is bomb.” - Shoshana Israel | Shop Radiate Face Jelly


“You all took coconut oil too far and BASE BUTTER doesn't have any :)” - Jamé Jackson | Shop Body Love Cream


“It's amazing and it's lightweight! I have really oily skin and since I have been using Radiate Face Jelly I have not been producing as much oil throughout the day.” - Ayanna Sinclair | Shop Radiate Face Jelly