Hi! Welcome to the new and improved BASE BUTTER.

"Four years ago, I’d just graduated college, started working in tech at IBM, but was forever indulging in fashion and make-up. I knew I wanted to work in beauty but didn’t know how. The next year, I found myself opening our virtual doors. Since then I’ve been inviting you and anyone else whose down for the ride on my journey -- passion project, business, movement -- called BASE BUTTER

Today I invite you to learn about us, again! About our foundational products. About our purpose-driven ingredients. About our mission to create simple, honest products, that work—and our vision to empower women to become better informed, smart consumers."

- She'Neil Johnson, Founder


The Foundation

A skincare line born through the grown consciousness, intellect and demand for representation from consumers


To inspire a generational movement that empowers women to reclaim control and redefine the idea of beauty.


To reshape the beauty experience, by empowering women to become better informed, smart consumers.


To create simple, honest products, that work — with real skin struggles and real life in mind.


We do this by using only what’s absolutely necessary while giving you the information you need to make the most informed decision.

Developed by our VP of Product and Brand Strategy, Nicolette Graves. 

We believe...

in empowerment.

All women deserve to have the knowledge and tools necessary to feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

in moving with integrity.

that’s why we prioritize being transparent at all costs.

in smart shopping.

If you’re anything like us, you think everything’s worth a Google so we try to provide all information you may need upfront.  

in rituals.

...and by rituals, we mean proper systems that make skincare (and your life) easy.

in doing what makes sense.

we only create products meant to make your skin thrive.

in collaboration.

we’re nothing without our customers so we crave frequent feedback, it’s our personal form of magic.

in improvement.

as we grow, we learn, we change, we evolve. We’re not afraid to change our minds.

in the prioritization of self.

Don’t get it twisted, we’re not another “self-care” brand but we do believe in making room, space, and time for yourself.