Crowdsourced skincare products that are easy to use and yield results through simple formulas that safely improve the overall health of the skin for immediate protection and long-term results.
Our mission is to help make skincare easy for oily and combo skin types
Our vision is a world in which women accept and love their skin so much they’ll do anything to protect it.
Our purpose is to help women feel comfortable in their skin.
Our brand promise is to create better informed consumers through information, education and products that work.
Our product philosophy is that the products we make are designed to nourish and protect your skin.


She'Neil Johnson, CEO + Co-founder

Our vision is a world where…

  • The depth, breadth and uniqueness of complexion is celebrated
  • Our skin is acknowledged for where we’ve been and recognized as the amour for where we’re going
  • At the crossroads of both, we can finally feel comfort wearing, rocking and leading with the skin we’re in


- Nicolette Graves, VP of Product and Co-founder


We promise…

  • To make taking care of your skin not just the right thing to do but the easy thing to do
  • To give you the information you need to make the right choices for you skin journey
  • To choose and use ingredients that nourish and protect your skin now and later
  • To remain honest, transparent and intentional with the products (and every other experience) we make 


Skin acceptance

  • They say beauty is skin deep. We’re on a quest to redefine the perception of beauty and its impact on our relationship with our skin. At BASE BUTTER, we believe your best face forward is the one you love and care for despite its imperfections. Now that’s beautiful.


Our cause

  • With every BASE BUTTER purchases you’re agreeing to help black women realize their potential.