Candle in Body Love Scent

$ 12.00

Treat Yourself Season is upon us. The time of year where basking in pure joy is tradition. Here at BASE BUTTER we wanted to make the ritual of giving to loved ones, including yourself, easy. Why? Because everyone deserves some feel good vibes. For us, feel good vibes means standing tall in all that is you. So, we put together some sets that will help you do exactly that.


Why this candle? We’ve partnered with CANDLESSENTIALS to create our very own vanilla + geranium coconut wax candle. It’s made with love twice over. Hand-poured in the heart of Los Angeles, it’s infused with our signature vanilla infused geranium oil blend found in our very own Body Love Cream. The result? A comforting and refreshing scent capable of transforming any space into the feel good vibe you deserve. Learn more about CANDLESSENTIALS.


Body Love Candle Ingredients: coconut wax, cotton wick, geranium fragrance oil, vanilla pod fragrance oil


*Always trim the wick to about 1/4" before lighting your candle. This will allow the candle to burn at its best and reduce smoking.