Antibacterial Pre-cleansing Cloths

  • $ 15.00

Use these for a better cleansing experience.

What is it: Tiny fibers create compartment-like spaces to lift dirt up and away from your skin so your cleanser and other skincare products can truly penetrate and nourish.

Good for removing make-up or residue your skin attracted throughout the day so your skincare products can work better.

Feels ultra-soft and non-abrasive. Three 14" x 14" towels per set.

How it helps your skin: Preps your skin for a deeper cleansing experience and allows for better penetration of your skincare products for increased results.

Why these vs. wash cloths or wipes?

  • Fast drying
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Good for 500-1,000 washes

How to use: Wet with warm water and gently rub all over the face to remove any make-up or residue on the skin before you begin your skincare routine.

Made of: Polyester, Polyamide

*Machine wash cold and air dry to maintain towel effectiveness. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners.